Laughing Is Good Medicine

A new Finding Home Elders dialogue series is underway at Spirit of the Children’s Society with their Aboriginal Grandparents Raising Grandkids group. These remarkable grandmothers, ranging form about 50 to 80 years old, share stories, insights and love about raising their young grandchildren. They identified one of their priority Finding Home needs as Self-Care. Today, they shared their insights on how to care for one self in the midst of such busy and demanding lives. Topics ranged from the importance of daily exercise, eating well, traditional culture and laughter to making sure you have time for yourself. They also shared the dangers of self-neglect when things feel overwhelming. Everyone can learn from their strategies of breaking the cycle of self-neglect. They include spending time with people who care about you, having sun in the fun, re-decorating, prayer, ceremony and good music. It is such an honour to spend time with these women every week!


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