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Work Matters Training Program | Customized Training

We provide the skills, knowledge and processes for your business to build quality relationships within your workplace teams as well as with the communities you serve. Worldview Strategies can work with you to create customized courses, training and programs to increase effectiveness, get your team doing their best work together and improve your bottom line!

Worldview Strategies donates 15 Percent of all corporate training revenue to support homegrown, resident-led projects that are making a lasting impact on critical social issues in your region.

Work Matters Dialogues
Worldview Strategies provides the  skills, knowledge and tools to create the conditions for teams to do their best work together. This is particularly critical for teams who have experienced a variety of human rights violations such as workplace bullying and harassment which often leave teams unmotivated, disoriented, confused and unsure who to trust. Work Matters Dialogues offer a safe space to explore the importance work plays in our lives, how we each contribute to our workplace culture and collaboratively come up with tools and strategies for moving forward together.Our Work Matters Dialogues…

  • Enhance team communication, trust and relationships
  • Strengthen capacity to address problems effectively and creatively
  • Increase self awareness, understanding and responsibility
  • Renew motivation, engagement and collaboration

Call us to find out more about our Work Matters dialogue process at 604.879.2402

Customized Training
Worldview Strategies makes an impact with the development and implementation of trainings and seminars in a variety of industries and institutions. Contact us to host one of our existing trainings, or we can work together to develop an educational experience for your specific audience.
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