Finding Home Goes To Ottawa

Human Resources and Social Development’s (HRSDC) Director of social policy and Director of Emerging Trends invited Finiding Home to give a presentation in Ottawa at HRSDC’s Friends of Social Policy meeting. This monthly meeting convenes 40 director generals of various federal departments. After a 20 minute Finding Home presentation a discussion about a potential national approach were discussed. While in Ottawa I met with seniors related funders and directors about taking the How To Spot A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing (link to blog post below) dialogue model on a regional level.
Coincidently, Barack Obama was visiting Ottawa the same day. Apparently, people began to gather outside the Parliament buildings at 4am to get a glimpse of the US President as he walked in the door. One of the banners that could be seen in the crowds read “Maybe We Can!” Oh the Joys of being Canadian!

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