Sample Communication Materials

1. Video

Video on Intercultural Approaches to Resident Led Community Change Initiatives.


2. Blog Posts

Popular blog posts on intercultural approaches to resident led community change approaches, including refugee integration.

See posts on The Paradox of Our Times and on Syrian Refugee Integration.


3. Resource Booklet

A strength-based participatory methodology for developing culturally relevant and accessible resource booklets for residents.



4. Credit Card Size Flyers

Highlighting residents own strategies to address their priority social issue.



5. Learning Posters

Learning Posters From Resident Led Community Change Initiatives.



6. Reports

Final reports on resident-led community change initiatives.



7. Handbook

Finding Home Handbook for Host Agencies.



8. Annual Newsletter

Resident led community change success stories.



9. Best selling book

On intercultural approaches to reconciliation
Click image to view.

Worldview Skills


10. Doorways To Home: Indigenous – Newcomer Neighbourhood Dialogues

Journal article on Indigenous-Newcomer relations