Seniors and Newcomers Make Great Friends

Today, seniors from Seniors Services Society shared stories about what creates a sense of home for them. One senior said, “home is where you live with the love of your life.” Another senior responded, “that may be so for you…I sure did not have a husband like that!” While experiences of home differed, all agreed “the smell of mom’s cooking creates a sense of home for all of us.”

Frieda Hogg explained, “the worst thing about getting older isn’t that you lose your eyesight, it is that because of this loss of sight, you can’t read mom’s recipes.” As the dialogue series progressed, these seniors identified ‘making friends’ as their top “finding home” priority.’ Many of the seniors were widows and had lost their lifelong friends. All wanted to make more friends. They shared stories about friendship, coping with loneliness, and how to make friends.

Many talked about the friendships they had made in the last couple of years were all with new immigrants. To their delight they have discovered how newcomers make great friends. “Newcomers,” they said, are like us: “They have interesting lives and we both want to make friends and find a good home.” In addition, both seniors and newcomers yearn for the smell of mom’s cooking. These insights have led to a Seniors and Newcomers Dialogue Project with the goal to create a cookbook with mom’s recipes in audio and large print format.


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