Seniors Food Forum – Meals For The Future

I was invited to give a keynote address today at the Forum for Seniors Food Service Providers hosted by The Centre for Health and Community Partnerships at Douglas College. Using the Rattlesnake Lessons for Change metaphor we explored what is the nature of the current change process with regards to seniors and meal service providers. We then explored everyone’s memory of a good meal in small groups. Each small group synthesized the common elements that create a good meal. It was interesting that not one small group identified the details about food as an element that creates a good meal. Things like good conversation, good company, and a beautiful environment were the majority’s experience of what creates a good meal. In addition, we explored the transitions that most seniors undergo that need food service providers and what best supports them during these, often difficult, times. In exploring these themes new ideas began to be generated about what is needed to enhance seniors food services. For a final report, contact The Centre for Health and Community Partnerships. To learn about our keynote addresses contact us

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